The TEXTILE DESIGN STUDIO by UNITYVERSESTOCK specializes in one-of-a-kind, upscale, trend-focused print design for garments, accessories, home furnishings, and other products. Each carefully curated collection includes unique works of art that are all protected by global copyright and produced using a variety of methods that incorporate hand painting, drawing, and digital design. Our inspiration comes from the most recent runway shows, current international art exhibits, international style, and fashion. We constantly keep a close eye on past, present, and emerging worldwide trends.

Some of our services within Textile Design Studio are as follows:

- Preparing latest fashion special collections for fairs

- custom designing patterns

- designing home textiles,

- designing wallpaper,

- fabric, pattern, texture designs,

- interior design

Natural and soft designs for baby home textiles and clothing,
Traditional, ethnic, and modern designs for carpets and rugs,

and much more are among our services.

We make different patterns and designs from digital and hand drawings, watercolor, pastel, oil and acrylic paints and various gravure prints. We also do tie dye, shibori and batik works.

Our main services include making and selling patterns and collections, home textiles, women's, men's, baby-children-youth clothing, home textiles, bedroom, living room or carpet, and rug designs suitable for all areas of the house...

We bring all our designs together as a whole in line with your request. We can prepare special collections for home and clothing textiles for you by using the most trendy and trendy elements, suitable for the fashion of the year, as a whole product and color.

We are able to work with a wide range of clients from different industries thanks to our extensive collections, all of which started as hand-painting or drawing. Within our assortment, our customers will undoubtedly discover what they're looking for. Additionally, we take pride in providing flawlessly cleaned-up and structured files and believe strongly in the value of high-quality artwork.

Combining our motivation and persistence along with our dreams of venturing out on our own, our Design Studio was born. Together as a team, we love working together and have a strong vision of who we are as a brand.